Simple and Addictive, These Are Various Dessert Made From Banana

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Various Dessert Made From Banana 2

Stuff EBP Like – Banana is a sweet fruit that is rich in potassium for the body’s organs to work. It can be eaten directly or processed into various dessert preparations that make you drool even more. This sweet dessert can be served during family events or even lunch to the office.

Easy you can make it with ingredients that are readily available at homeHere are a variety of banana-based desserts for you.

1. Banana pudding

Banana pudding 2

With pudding ingredients and some cookies or biscuits at home, you can make it layered. Prepare banana pudding or plain, banana slices and some cookies.

Arrange in a glass or jar, wait for it to set. This banana pudding is more delicious to eat when cold.

2. Nutella banana sandwich

Nutella banana sandwich

Banana and chocolate are a fun combination, especially eating them on the white bread that you bake. It will taste delicious served in the morning with a cup of tea.

The ingredients you prepare are plain bread, nutella jam and bananas. After you arrange it, you can bake it on Teflon. If you want, you can add almond topping for the perfect blend.

3. Banana pudding bars

Banana pudding bars

If the banana pudding that you previously enjoyed is served in a glass or jar, now you can make it in the shape of bars. Well, here you can make a large portion.

Press it in a pan of your favorite crackers , wafers or biscuits. After that you can pour the banana pudding that you made.

By providing a variety of fruit toppings, your banana pudding bars are ready to serve.

4. Banana oat cookies

Banana oat cookies

Who says the way to eat bananas is only to brew it with hot water? With a mixture of oats and bananas, you can make the perfect cookies. If you want some of your favorite toppings, add them according to taste.

The combination of crunchy oats and soft banana adds to the rich texture of these cookies.

5. Chocolate banana pizza

Chocolate banana pizza

If there is a savory pizza variant, of course there is a sweet variant too. Yep, you can make chocolate banana pizza. You can make this delicious dessert by giving Nutella in pizza dough and banana toppings. After that you can bake it at low temperature.

Even though it feels simple, guaranteed, you will be addicted.

6. Peanut butter banana smoothies

Peanut butter banana smoothies

Smoothies satu ini bisa kamu buat untuk penahan laparmu, Bela. Dibuat dari pisang beku, selai kacang, susu dan madu, kemudian di-blender hingga lembut. Dikemas dengan protein juga, smoothies ini akan lebih sehat daripada kamu harus memakan toast.

Aneka topping juga bisa kamu berikan di smoothies ini seperti almond ataupun irisan pisang.

7. Banana split

Banana split

If you make a banana-based dessert, it’s incomplete if you don’t include the banana split menu in it. Mix granola, maple syrup, greek yogurt and berries into a banana split, making it the perfect combination.

Now, your weekend treat will be fun with a variety of banana-based desserts, right?

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