You don’t need a strict diet, here are 10 Easy Ways to lose Weight

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Stuff EBP Like – Most diets are torturous and only starve you. If your intention to lose weight is not strong, maybe you can only last a few days.

Therefore, it would be better if we get used to a healthy diet instead of a strict diet. In addition to making the body fitter, this method will also lose weight.

What are the right ways to lose weight without dieting? Come on, see the following!

  1. Don’t skip a healthy breakfast every day

Many people think that not having breakfast will reduce the calories the body gets in a day. On the contrary, what happened was the opposite. When the stomach is left hungry from the morning, you will be encouraged to eat more during the day.

A study from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2014 said that in addition to being healthy, this habit can also stop you from eating a lot during the day. However, still choose the right menu and adjust the portions. The recommended breakfast is cereal, milk and fruit.

  1. Don’t be late for lunch

The study, published in the International Journal of Obesity, found a link between an earlier lunch and weight loss. The results showed that people who ate before 3:00 p.m. could lose 25 percent more weight than those who ate late.

  1. Eat calmly and without haste

Busyness often affects the way we eat. Because we are rushed by schedules, we try to eat faster. But it turns out that these habits are unhealthy and can make us more prone to weight gain.

This is proven by the research of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Instead, try to eat more slowly and enjoy it well

  1. Avoid heavy meals and snacks at night

Dinner is known as one of the diet restrictions. This problem has been proven by many scientific studies, one of which is the 2017 University ofPennsylvania School of Medicine study.

Researchers say that this habit can increase levels of insulin, glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides (fat in the blood). So besides making fat, dinner is also bad for our health. Instead, if you are hungry, try to consume fruit and drink lots of mineral water.

  1. Avoid drinking sugary drinks

Who often drinks boba, milk tea, soda and other sweet drinks? They are refreshing, but they are not good for your health if consumed too often.

Reporting from WebMD, drinks that contain sugar have high calories but are not filling. You still have to eat, so the calories you consume are getting higher. Replace these drinks with water, low-fat milk, or fruit juice without added sugar.

  1. Start mealtime by drinking water and eating vegetables

You can trick your mind into not eating too much, you know! The trick is to prioritize water and vegetables when eating. Reporting from The Healthy, this step can help you feel fuller before moving on to heavier foods. That way, you won’t eat too much.

  1. Add vegetables to each of your diet

Just like the previous point, the purpose of this method is to make you feel fuller. Finally, you won’t eat too many calories. Besides, adding vegetables to every meal can also make you healthier, right?

  1. Cut back on carbohydrates and add protein

To lose weight, you need to limit the amount of carbohydrates that enter the body. As a substitute, add more protein. This is the key to the keto diet. You can imitate it even if you don’t do it completely. With this diet, you will get used to reducing the portion of carbohydrates that are rich in calories.

  1. Replace foods with low fat

As much as possible, replace your food sources with ones that are low in fat. For example, for mayonnaise, dairy products, cheese, and others. The difference in taste between the two is not that much. So, there is no need to hesitate to switch to these healthier alternatives

  1. Eye illusions can also help you know!

What is the eye illusion? Reporting from The Healthy, we can try using a smaller plate when eating. That way, the portion that is taken will automatically decrease.

Apart from that, you can also replace the spoon with a fork if possible. The Food Quality and Preference page found that with a fork, people tend to eat more slowly. This helps us to digest food better, so that you will be full faster.

That’s the right way to lose weight without an easy and healthy diet. Let’s try it from now on!

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