Andien’s Tips for Staying Creative in the Middle of a Pandemic Situation

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Andiens Tips for Staying Creative in the Middle of a Pandemic Situation

Stuff EBP Like – There is no mistaking it, it is impossible for this life to provide something that is eternal. This is what makes the situation uncertain. Sometimes, a day is easy and pleasant enough to live by. But, not infrequently, one day feels tough and tiring.

Yup, the real evidence is the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, as you know, this issue focuses on human health. However, a series of negative impacts actually attack several aspects of life that hinder one’s productivity. 

Did you know that productivity is closely related to one’s creativity, which must be maintained. For this reason, in the BeautyFest Asia 2020 talk show entitled “Maintaining Health, Productivity and Survicing a Global Pandemic” , Andien deliberately gave related tips.

1. Approach yourself

Approach yourself
Approach yourself

You must be familiar with the common term which says, “there is wisdom behind trials.” Of course! As stated by Andien, this period of the COVID-19 pandemic has actually given time for someone to dig deeper about themselves.

Interestingly, Andien emphasized that this is very important in order to increase creativity. The reason is, approaching oneself includes a solitary process that enables a person to analyze the things he feels and experiences.

For example, you have issues that are difficult to work or difficult to work with. Try communicating with yourself through meditation. From here, you can find your difficulty – the cause – the cause of one cause – to end at one root cause.

Note: you can find a solution by understanding the starting point of the problem!

2. Examine your emotions

Examine your emotions
Examine your emotions

As explained by Andien earlier, the process of approaching yourself includes the process of understanding emotions and the root of the problem. However, do you know? One of the ways that can help this process be effective is by journaling. 

Yup, journaling is the process of expressing your feelings independently so that you can do it honestly. From here, you will go through the process of analyzing which makes you realize that one emotion has various causes, reasons and others.

“The point of journaling is feeling, understanding feelings. So far, our feelings have been disconnected (when we actively socialize). We don’t really realize what we are feeling and experiencing,” said Andien, explaining that this is the right time to analyze emotions.

Note: vent and release all your feelings, positive or negative!

3. Take Note on Your Dreams

Take Note on your dreams
Take Note on your dreams

Do you realize? Most people are capable of consistently striving for something if there is motivation or inspiration that acts as a trigger . Usually, this motivation grows from a view that looks at dreams or ideals. 

It is not surprising, as explained in Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F * ck (2016) , that a person can endure adversity if he has a purpose. So from that, Andien encourages you to try to dream about what you dream.

You do this by simply taking your own time or time, open your notebook or journal, then write down the dreams you want to achieve. As an additional suggestion, you can also do an Ikigai scheme from Japan that analyzes your goals.

To do this, write down what you love, what you can do, what your world needs, and what can be exchanged for profits. With this, you find your goal and are encouraged to stay creative and do it!

4. Take advantage of existing opportunities

Take advantage of existing opportunities
Take advantage of existing opportunities

As an adult woman who is wise towards life and yourself, you certainly understand the fact that second chances tend to be rare. This fact is what makes Popbela really encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities that exist.

The figure of a jazz musician and mental health activist , Andien agrees. According to him, currently, technological developments help us get opportunities to work and work and learn in situations that require us to do social distancing.

You name it, the meeting does not have to be face to face but a special video call platform . This same platform too. which helps various parties hold online events and online courses . The term, easy and useful!

So, don’t be discouraged, Guys. Try to implement tips to stay creative in the current situation that is uncertain. Maybe it will be a bright spot or a way out of your problem.

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