8 Culinary Made From Raw Meat From All Over The World, Not Just Sashimi And Sushi

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Culinary Made From Raw Meat In The World

Stuff EBP Like – Talking about culinary delights, in this world there are many unique and even extreme culinary types. Culinary made from raw meat is considered unusual by some people. However, there are actually many types of culinary delights in several countries that have many fans because they are delicious when consumed. The basic ingredients of these raw foods also vary, ranging from meat, fish and eggs.

If processed properly and the ingredients are of good quality, raw food will not cause health problems. The taste of various raw culinary delights is no less delicious. Usually, this culinary delights are made to maintain the natural taste of food ingredients, including meat and fish.

That way, they really minimize the cooking process by eating it raw when it’s fresh and good. Therefore, it is not surprising that many love raw foods. The following are 8 types of culinary ingredients made from raw meat that you can try. Interested in tasting?

1. Gohu Ikan, Indonesia

Gohu Ikan Indonesia 1

If you think raw meat food only comes from Japan, you are wrong. In fact, Indonesia also has a lot of culinary ingredients made from raw meat, one of which is Gohu Fish. As the name implies, fish gohu is a culinary dish made from raw fish meat originating from Ternate, North Maluku. The type of fish used is tuna. The making is very simple.

First, the tuna must be cleaned first, then diced and mixed with salt, lime juice, and basil leaves. The serving is doused with sauteed spices made of chilies and sliced ​​shallots. When consumed, the fish will taste tasty, fresh, and slightly sweet. This fish gohu is usually a side dish of rice or sago porridge.

2. Torisashi, Japan

Torisashi Japan

Japan is a paradise for raw foodies. Global raw food such as sushi and sashimi all originated in Japan. But besides that, Japan also has Torisashi that you should try. Torisashi is raw chicken sashimi, made by slicing chicken meat that is sometimes lightly grilled or smoked on the outside, while the inside remains pink.

Torisashi is usually served with ground ginger or soy sauce and mirin. In other parts of Japan, these pink chicken slices are accompanied by sesame seeds, salt, green onions, or wasabi. It’s the same as eating regular sashimi. There are many parts of chicken used for torisashi such as liver, gizzard, breast, or thigh. The chickens are slaughtered in a certain manner and immediately refrigerated so that no salmonella-causing bacteria can appear on the meat.

3. Mulhoe, South Korea

Mulhoe South Korea

Raw culinary is also served with many other ingredients so that the taste increases. One of the Mulhoe dishes from South Korea. Mulhoe (spicy raw fish soup) is a dish with thinly sliced ​​seafood such as raw fish or squid and vegetables mixed in a cold broth.

This dish is served with cold broth that is perfect to eat in the summer. The texture of the ingredients may vary with the type of fish or vegetables used in the dish. However, the thing to note before eating this dish is to make sure the ingredients are fresh as they can spoil quickly in the summer.

4. Poke, Hawaii

Poke Hawaii

Poke is a raw fish dish that originated in Hawaii. Usually Poke is made from raw Ahi tuna or diced octopus. In Hawaii, poke is seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil, seaweed and chives. Meanwhile in London, poke is served with macadima nuts or cashews.

Poke can also be found in various variations using different fish. The fish used are salmon to shellfish. Elsewhere, poke is made with me differently by adding mayonnaise, wasabi or sriracha mayonnaise.

5. Rusip, Indonesia

Rusip Indonesia

One more Indonesian raw fish culinary called rusip, this culinary originates from Bangka Belitung and is made from anchovy or also known as bilis. The processing of this anchovy is fermented, that is, after cleaning, fresh anchovy is mixed with brown sugar and salt, then fermented for seven days.

After that, the smell of the fish will turn sour. It is served with several spices such as shallot slices, bird’s eye chilies, and key oranges. In Bangka Belitung, rusip is a side dish of fresh vegetables or you could say it is a substitute for chili sauce. This culinary taste is spicy and fresh.

6. Yukhoe, South Korea

Yukhoe South Korea

Dipper is a type of Korean cuisine in the form of raw beef, minced and topped with herbs and sauces. The part of beef used is the cover. The yukhoe seasoning is a mixture of soy sauce, granulated sugar, table salt, sesame oil, green onion, ground garlic, sesame, pepper and fruit juice.

Raw chicken egg yolk is placed on top of this dish. Dipper eaten with gochujang sauce called hoejeup. Apart from being made from minced beef, this dish can also be made from the tongue, liver, kidney, heart, or book stomach of cows. Bibimbap which is topped with yukhoe is called yukhoe bibimbap.

7. Sok Lek, Thailand

Sok Lek Thailand

Thailand also has a mainstay menu made from raw meat called Sok Lek. This food is usually made from beef with fresh blood from the animal. However, don’t think that this will make you nauseous.

Sok lek is a rich dish because it has been seasoned with various spices and a little alcohol. This eliminates the fishy smell of flesh and blood while enhancing the meaty taste. Interested in trying?

8. Carpacio, Italy

Carpacio Italy

Carpaccio is a dish made from raw meat or fish, such as beef, venison, salmon or tuna. This dish has been discovered since 1950 by Giuseppe Cipriani in Venice and began to be popularized around the world in the mid-20th century.

Generally, Carpaccio uses beef sirloin or tenderloin served with lemon, olive oil, and white truffles or parmesan cheese. But nowadays you can find this dish on a plate filled with raw meat or fish, which has been thinly sliced ​​and served with lemon or vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.

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