7 basic differences between true love and a crush

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7 basic differences between true love and a crush

Stuff EBP Like – Love. Who knows when he will come and go? Without signs and without conditions, sometimes these feelings burst out of your heart. Whether it’s because of the first sight, long touch, or because they feel the same feeling.

Unfortunately, sometimes you find it difficult to tell whether it’s true love or just mere attraction. Yes, you are crazy about him but what is love? You lust to have it as well as he wants you, but is that worthy you call it love? To find out what the difference between love and crush is, consider the following Popbela review.

Love doesn’t come into your mind suddenly. It grows slowly, develops constantly, until without realizing it begins to grow in your heart. Without you pushing it, his face will often cross your mind when you close your eyes. Small needs are things that you are trying to fulfill. Love takes time to grow while crazy love from crushes happens as soon as you see someone, then just disappears.

In addition to its time-consuming emergence and growth, love is also able to last for a very long time. For some couples, their love even lasts until the end of their life. In that long period of time, the meaning of love deepens and has strength for those who believe it.

While crushes also have power for those involved, love arising from a crush has little chance of surviving. Feelings that are just a mere crush are usually marked by the fading of the attraction after a long walk together.

Someone who loves you will accept you as an imperfect person. Loving someone means letting the person you love be themselves, as they are without pretending. In front of people who love you, you also feel comfortable to be yourself without any pressure to be flawless.

Meanwhile, feelings of crush and infatuation actually make you thirsty for perfection. Long before you find the person, you first determine what kind of “love” is ideal for you. In front of him, you only show the good side of yourself. You are trying to be the perfect person, while continuing to hope that he can also be a partner who fits the ideal image that has already been pictured in your mind.

For people who love each other, their feelings are not just a matter of holding hands, hugging and so on. Their feelings have more meaning, whether or not physical touch is not a problem. Meanwhile for those who are simply infatuated by lust, physical contact is everything. As if love is only valid when the skin touches each other.

If it’s love, it should give you energy, strengthen your enthusiasm for life. Helps you stand up when you fall, reminding you to keep your head down when you get too arrogant.

Love is not a name if that strong feeling makes you tired physically and mentally. It’s not love if your energy runs out just to take care of all the trivial things. It is true that love requires effort, but if that effort only comes from one side and it destroys, that is not love.

Being crazy about someone makes you a human who is obsessed with controlling him. Regardless of the situation, you feel you own him. You get jealous easily for no good reason when you see him with other people. This kind of infatuation makes you forget that there are still many types of relationships besides romantic relationships which are no less important. It could be family, work or friendship.

Meanwhile, if what you experience is love, you won’t become obsessed. You will not burn easily with jealousy. When it comes to problems, love can keep you calm and mature. In the end, love will make you a happier person.

You know that it’s love because you fall in love with the person, the person. Not falling in love with the desire to have it, nor falling in love with the flowery feelings you are feeling.

So, do you think your feelings for her have been more like love or just a crush, here?

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