Effective in Eliminating Acne Scars, Here Are 5 Local Toners You Can Try

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Stuff EBP Like – There are various types of skincare products that you can wear, one of which is facial toner. As the development of beauty trends has skyrocketed, now you can find various types of toners with different ingredients and purposes.

One of them is a toner to help acne scars fade. What are you curious about? Check out the following local toner recommendations for removing acne scars!

1. N’pure Centella Asiatica Face Toner

Containing  Centella asiatica or gotu kola leaves,  this toner can be your alternative. Its natural ingredients make inflamed pimples, deflate faster and hydrate the skin. In routine use, this product helps the process of fading acne scars.

From the packaging, this toner  looks quite aesthetic. It is packaged in a clear plastic bottle decorated with an illustration of gotu kola leaves and equipped with a screw cap. In addition, this toner is paraben-free and alcohol-free.

2. Wardah Acnederm Pore Refining Toner

Second, there is a  toner  from Wardah which is packaged in a light blue bottle. This toner is charged at a pocket-friendly price, which is only around Rp.32 thousand. The product itself is specifically for those of you who have acne problems. 

This facial toner is also quite helpful in controlling sebum on the face, cleaning pores, and helping to fade acne scars. In addition, when applied to facial skin, this toner has a cooling  sensation that makes your face feel fresh. Wow, this feels good!

3. Bloomka Sugar Cane + Calendula 4.8

This toner has a variety of natural ingredients. Starting from Glycolic Acid  which removes dead skin cells and improves skin texture, Lactic Acid  which provides extra moisture and prevents premature aging, Malic & Tartaric acid which brightens the face, and Citric Acid  which removes dead skin cells so that the face is not dull.

4. Avoskin Miraculous Refining Toner

Packaged in a dark bottle, this product looks quite elegant. There is a tingling sensation when applied to the face. In routine use, this product can help skin problems. Starting from beruntusan, inflamed pimples, to acne scars. 

5. Whitelab Brightening Toner

Next, there is a toner from Whitelab which is packaged in a white bottle. The texture of the  toner itself is quite liquid with a calming aromaThe claim of the product is that it can make the face look brighter and hydrated. In addition, another advantage of this product is the affordable price.

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