Do These 4 Things to Help You Fall Asleep

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4 things to help you fall asleep

Stuff EBP Like – Not being able to sleep is annoying. Either because you have a lot of thoughts or are under heavy stress. And there are many ways that are considered to be able to help you sleep faster, but sometimes all of these methods are not suitable or successful. 

Quoted from Elite Daily, here are four ways you can fall asleep quickly: 

1. Drink water

Drink water

According to Dr Kirti Salwe Carter and Rob Carter III, authors of The Morning Mind, your brain has less mass in the morning due to the distribution of fluids throughout the body and prolonged periods without hydration while you sleep.

“Because of this, it’s important to drink a glass of water before bed and after waking up. A larger, hydrated brain means increased blood flow, more oxygen, and availability of nutrients, allowing for increased concentration levels, improved mood, and better sleep. “they said.

2. The right sleeping position

The right sleeping position

Sleeping position is something important and very influential. It can improve or break your sleeping pattern,

“When sleeping on your back, your neck and head should be in line with your body. If your pillow is too big, it will push your head forward, bend your spine unnaturally and cause physical imbalance. “suggested Dr. Carter.

3. Read in dim light

Read in dim light

Dim the lights in your bedroom and turn off all electronic devices if you want to make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

“The production of the hormone melatonin is very important to regulate sleep patterns, and it needs darkness to produce it. So in the hours before bedtime, it is very useful to limit exposure to artificial light,” said Dr. Carter. 

4. Clean the bedroom

Clean the bedroom

The survey was conducted by Ketchum Global Research and Analytics in 2017. They asked more than 1000 US adults aged 18 years and over about their household cleaning habits.

As many as 37 percent said that they feel they can finally relax when all the rooms in their house, including the room, are clean. So, don’t forget to try it!

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